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Topographical Surveys
Topographical surveys (or Land Surveys) provide a very accurate record of surface features (e.g. buildings, trees, roads, fences, street furniture etc.) at large and small scales, typically from 1:50 to 1:1250. The surveys can be used for a variety of purposes including detail design, land or building development, planning applications.

They give accurate areas and precise boundary locations. Drainage information can also be provided as well as service covers and features e.g. gas, water, telecom etc. Underground services location can be included in the survey in collaboration with our consultants.

Some examples of the type of survey carried out by Walker Ladd include:   

Site plans at large and small scale.
3D measured surveys output in AutoCAD dwg/dxf, dgn, Genio, csv etc.
As-built and Record surveys
Flood Plain surveys and River Sections for risk assessment and design

Recent projects include:

Full detailed surveys at large scale of hospitals
Site Plans of Schools and Colleges
Industrial Estates and Commercial Offices
Drainage and services records for private and public clients